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Butcher's Favorite Blends

Butcher's Favorite Blends

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Campfire currently unavailable due to shortage of raw goods.

Money Maker Rub is a unique blend of herbs and spices that'll be sure to please. Goes great on red meat and truly shines on high quality steaks and prime rib!
Ingredients: Sea salt, onion powder, Herbs de Provence, spices, black pepper, parsley, paprika

S.O.B. is a unique blend of herbs and spices similar to chimichurri blends. The combination of ingredients make it a very versatile seasoning good for veggies and all meats, simply sprinkled on or add oil and make a wet rub.
Ingredients:  Spices, sea salt, garlic, onion

SPGsquared is kick in the mouth with flavor and a garlic lover's dream. With twice the roasted garlic, it's sure to keep the vampires at bay indefinitely! SPGsquared is great on red meat, white meat, veggies and just about anything!
Ingredients:  Garlic, sea salt, pepper