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Aglio Parmigiana is an intense combination of garlic, parmesan, and herbs is a perfect pairing on all types of foods and sure to please the whole famiglia.
Ingredients: Parmesan, spices, garlic, onion, arrowroot, chipotle, sea salt. Contains milk.

All Nighter uses the best quality ground espresso to go along with only the highest quality ingredients. 
Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Tomato Powder, Coffee, Spices, Sea Salt, Butter Powder, Chili Powder, Garlic, Bell Pepper, Onion, Ancho Pepper
Campfire is a special blend of herbs and spices is sure to evoke fond memories of late nights round the fire. It's smokey yet fiery taste is just what you've been looking for!
Ingredients: Spices, garlic, onion, sea salt, bell pepper

Cowabunga Cowboy is best smoked low and slow on all meats.
Ingredients: Spices, sea salt, brown sugar, ancho pepper powder, garlic, onion

Crab Daddy Cajun: Tune up any Cajun dish with just a dash or have yourself a crab boil because this seasoning is sure to be a crowd favorite at your next party.
Ingredients: Paprika, Spices, Sea Salt, Red Pepper, Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper , Bay Leaves

House Sausage Seasoning is a perfect blend of spices and herbs that go great in fresh ground pork, beef, or wild game. It also goes great in anything from breakfast patties to meatballs!
Ingredients: Sea salt, parsley, spices, red pepper, garlic, onion

Juan More Taco is a unique blend of herbs and spices sure to kick up any Mexican or Southwest dish. Grab your sombrero and get ready for a fiesta!  
Ingredients: Spices, Chili Powder, Sea Salt, Garlic, Onion, Arrowroot, Chipotle

MA DEUCE is a fiery blend of spices that's sure to bring your taste buds to life. It is an all out assault on your taste buds with flavor and just the right amount of heat.
Ingredients: Spices, sea salt, brown sugar, chili powder, chipotle powder, garlic, onion, cayenne powder

Mango Habanero is a fiery blend of citrus with a splash of habanero. This sweet citrusy heat goes perfect on fish, but it doesn't end there. Try it on everything!
Ingredients: Spices, bell pepper, sea salt, cane sugar, butter, molasses, honey, lime, mango, ancho pepper, lemon, garlic, onion, arrowroot, citric acid, habanero pepper

Maple Madness is a sweet blend of pure maple sugar and a few other spices and herbs to make your mornings great again! Simply add 3 TBSP to each pound of ground meat of your choice, and cook right away or package and freeze for use at a later time. For best results, use a 70/30 blend of meat/fat. 
 Ingredients: Maple sugar, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, spices
Mediterranean Meat Sweats: Let the unique and bold flavors of the Mediterranean Meat Sweats carry you off on a roller coaster of flavor. This blend lends itself extremely well to low and slow smoking/cooking. It's best paired with pork, chicken, and lamb.
Ingredients: Sea salt, sumac, onion powder, garlic powder, spices

Money Maker Rub is a unique blend of herbs and spices that'll be sure to please. Goes great on red meat and truly shines on high quality steaks and prime rib!
Ingredients: Sea salt, onion powder, Herbs de Provence, spices, black pepper, parsley, paprika

Pizza Sprinkles will kick up any Italian dish but is a show stopper on pizza. Sprinkle as little or as much on top of any dish or before baking your pizza and be ready to enjoy pure flavor bliss!
Ingredients: Spices, Fennel, Red Pepper, Garlic, Sea Salt, Onion, Black Pepper
Q is a unique blend of herbs and spices that is sure to tickle the taste buds. Use a liberal amount on meats for your next BBQ and be prepared to win the neighborhood cook off.
Ingredients: Spices, cane sugar, sea salt, garlic, molasses, apple cider vinegar, onion, chili powder, butter, and Worcestershire.

S.O.B. is a unique blend of herbs and spices similar to chimichurri blends. The combination of ingredients make it a very versatile seasoning good for veggies and all meats, simply sprinkled on or add oil and make a wet rub.
Ingredients:  Spices, sea salt, garlic, onion

SPGsquared is kick in the mouth with flavor and a garlic lover's dream. With twice the roasted garlic, it's sure to keep the vampires at bay indefinitely! SPGsquared is great on red meat, white meat, veggies and just about anything!
Ingredients:  Garlic, sea salt, pepper