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Chris always delivers on flavor with his meat sprinkles. We do not use any other seasonings in the house now. I can not find anything that I cook that doesn't need meat sprinkles. They literally go on everything.

Chuck Lewis

If you want a line of seasonings that will blow your mind and make your taste buds dance get you some. His seasonings are our go to at my house whether it is just burgers or smoking a brisket you'll be in love with flavor

Timothy Kramer

Chris and his spices are absolutely at the top of their game. You can tell he takes pride in his work as it shows through his product. It always tastes great, has nothing but good stuff in it and he's always coming out with new ones. I love the Sausage Blend, but all of them are excellent!

Ryan Crouse

Umm hello if you have not tried these meat sprinkles you are missing out! You can see and taste the pride that goes in to every bottle of seasoning that is made. Great for everything! Do yourself a favor and get some, you will not be disappointed!

Lisa Lewis

These are the freshest & most flavorful season out there, they use the BEST top quality ingredients out there. Do yourself a favor & try them today, a little goes a LONG way. Make your meals sing!!!

Krista Rock

Amazing seasoning, and customer service. The drunken Butcher is hard working, and cares about his business along with his customers. I'll be buying meat sprinkles from here as long as they are available.

Jordan Grant