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Meet The Butcher

Chris was raised in the hunting heritage on the east coast where processing their wild game was a family affair and Chris learned his way around cuts of game at an early age. When it was time to leave to join the Marines, Chris missed the cut shop as much as his father missed having him there. Trying to walk down sorted career paths in an effort to provide for his family never satisfied Chris and he knew he
needed to get back to butchering. After settling down in rural Utah, Chris set his sights on pursuing his passion.

In 2018, “The Drunken Butcher” brand was born from the whiskey-influenced recommendation of a good friend, Royce Houchen, who inspired Chris to relentlessly pursue his dreams. In 2019, while professionally processing wild game under his “The Drunken Butcher” label, Chris began to develop spice blends and seasonings to compliment his well-established culinary skills for meals he would prepare for family and friends from the wild game he had harvested.

Built from the loyalty of his wild game processing customers, with the help of social media and, Chris’ favorite method, word of mouth, his spice and seasonings caught fire allowing him to open a commercial mixing facility and store front in 2021. From a humble two basic (but foundational) spice blends, The Drunken Butcher now offers over twenty spices and seasonings to compliment a variety of meat dishes.

Still a family affair, you will often find Chris in the store with his kids and his wife, “cracking the whip in the back”, making sure orders are filled in a timely manner. With a mission to compliment and honor your wild game harvest and provide
spice blends free from fillers, preservatives, artificial ingredients and, “all that other crap you cannot pronounce”, The Drunken Butcher seasonings are as free-range, organic and wild as the game meat you will put it on.

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