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Butcher Twine - 840ft

Butcher Twine - 840ft

The Drunken Butcher

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This 4-ply cotton sausage twine with a variety of kitchen tasks, including butchering and roasting. Use it to tie back and truss chicken and turkey legs when roasting; this helps the meat to cook evenly and stay in place. You can also tie bundles of herbs, hang meat to dry, and tie up roasts, making it a great addition to your establishment.

Wrap your pork, beef, fish, and other meats in butcher paper and then secure with this twine to keep your meat fresh. The small ball easily fits the tight spaces of a kitchen but still offers 840 feet of strong butchers twine! Keep this 4-ply cotton sausage twine handy for all of your butcher shop and restaurant needs!