Compact Inferno Ferro Rod

Compact Inferno Ferro Rod

Pyro Putty

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Weighing in at just 6 ounces, this small, lightweight tool packs a big punch! This all inclusive kit has everything that you need to light a fire, including 2 free .5 oz tins of Pyro Putty – 1 Summer Blend and 1 Winter Blend. Our Summer Orange blend is made thicker for hotter temperatures, while our Winter Blue Blend is made thinner for colder temperatures.

The tube in the Ferro Rod is hollow to store Pyro Putty and the ends are a built-in carbide striker. To use the ferro rod, simply unscrew the ends, exposing the pyro putty and removing the carbide striker, remove the putty and use the striker to ignite the fibers.

– Small and Lightweight
– Compartment to hold small amount of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
– Includes 2 Free 0.5 Oz Tins of Pyro Putty (1 Winter and 1 Summer Blend)