18" Stainless Steel Spatula with Tiger Bamboo Handle

18" Stainless Steel Spatula with Tiger Bamboo Handle

The Drunken Butcher

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Quickly and easily flip meats, poultry, and vegetables on your grill using this 18" stainless steel spatula with serrated edge and tiger bamboo handle! Featuring a sleek design, this spatula is a perfect addition to your lineup of grilling tools. Not only does tiger bamboo offer a beautiful, rich color with contrasting stripes, it also provides a cool, comfortable grip. Between the farm-raised bamboo and recycled stainless steel, this tool is made of 100% sustainable materials for an eco-friendly benefit.

Thanks to the slightly-rounded, ergonomic bamboo handle, you can hold this tool with superior comfort and confidence. The long handle is also designed to keep hands a safe distance from heat, improving safety while maximizing efficiency. The large, durable stainless steel face is guaranteed to give you the longevity you need, as stainless steel is long-lasting and resists signs of aging. Never worry about your tool bending or rusting! The face is tapered on the front edge to make it easier to lift heavy cuts of meat from the grill, and it's serrated on one side for multipurpose use.

This spatula features the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility so you can flip larger grilled foods such as burgers and steaks while retaining the slight pliability you need for easy use. This also contributes to the excellent balance of the spatula for a flawless performance in any kitchen. As an added benefit, this spatula has a bottle-opener slot located at the base of the handle. Smooth steel rivets keep the face tightly secured to the handle for uninterrupted flipping, and the loop at the end of the handle allows you to hang it for easy storage and convenient drying. Durable and easy-to-clean, this turner will have you asking, "how did we ever do without it?"

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 18"
Width: 5 1/4"
Depth: 1"