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Tumbleweeds Natural Fire Starters

Tumbleweeds Natural Fire Starters

Royal Oak

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Get grilling right away with these Royal Oak Tumbleweeds natural fire starters! You won't need to reach for the lighter fluid anymore thanks to these quick-lighting fire starters. Their wood and wax construction ensures their reliability, so you can always depend on them to prepare charcoal and have your grill ready for steaks or burgers in no time! These fire starters make unwanted odors a problem of the past. Thanks to their natural materials, they're odor-free, so they won't disrupt your guests during your events.

These fire starters are also non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about compromising your grilled foods with harmful, flammable chemicals. They're perfect for outdoor parties and catering events when you need to start a fire and get a grill ready quickly. Plus, they burn consistently for around 8 minutes and are ideal for ceramic or non-ceramic grills. Reach for these Royal Oak Tumbleweeds fire starters to prep your charcoal and host your best barbeque yet!